ERAPPA & APPA Membership: To become a business partner member you have two options: ERAPPA only or both APPA/ERAPPA.

Business Partner Membership (Available to anyone who provides products, goods or services to the facilities management marketplace or who have an interest in reaching facilities managers in the educational environment)


Benefits & Options: 

  • ERAPPA membership for Business Partners (BPs) is separate from SNEAPPA. To be a member of ERAPPA, please click on link/logo above. ERAPPA hosts its annual meeting each fall, typically in late September/October.
  • ERAPPA attracts academic facilities professionals from along the eastern seaboard from eastern Canada down to Maryland/DC.
  • There is a nominal annual fee to be a member of ERAPPA. Please visit their website above for current rate.
  • APPA membership for BPs is separate from ERRAPA and SNEAPPA. To become a member of APPA, please click on link/logo above. APPA hosts its annual conference in the summer, typically in July.
  • APPA attracts academic facilities professionals across the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • APPA membership is available at a nominal annual fee. You can add ERAPPA membership as well at a reduced fee. Please click on the link/logo above.