susan mulcahey     Susan Mulcahey, CMM 
     Principal Event+ Planner

     Impressive Gatherings, LLC

SNEAPPA Relationship

Impressive Gatherings, LLC began working with the SNEAPPA organization in late 2005 as the event planner contracted to assist the Host Committee with final planning/implementation of ERAPPA 2006 in Mystic, Connecticut. At the request of the SNEAPPA Board, a partnership began in March 2007 with IG providing full registration and meeting support for the organization’s three annual business meetings. IG was, once again, fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside the SNEAPPA Host Committee in the extensive planning and implementation of ERAPPA 2015 held in Providence, Rhode Island.


With broad planning experience taken from corporate, association, and non-profit sectors, Impressive Gatherings, LLC provides independent consulting to clients in the development/coordination/management of any program, event, and/or exhibit curriculum in support of their initiatives. With a specialized focus on executive programs/itineraries, experience includes management/production of external and internal meetings, forums, tradeshow exhibitions, premium/promotional programs, presentations, theatre productions, and marketing. IG team members demonstrate creativity, responsibility, organization, and independence in managing simultaneous, diverse projects from concept to completion to include theme/agenda development, logistics coordination, vendor negotiation and management, presentations, amenities, and act as a single point of contact for all clients from a wide array of industries, corporations, and public/private organizations.

susan mulcahey

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