SNEAPPA E.Lander Medlin Leadership Award

For the last three decades Lander Medlin as President and CEO of APPA, an organization that has over 23,000 educational facilities professionals from more than 1,000 learning institutions, is the unequivocally the preeminent voice of Facilities at Educational Institutions with expertise ranging from her outstanding leadership and communication skills to delivering positive educational and growth opportunities for APPA’s membership, to her inclusiveness, exuberance and excitement around the incredible knowledge base of Facilities is unparalleled in North America. Lander is a leader that believes that the quality of academic programming is directly related to the quality of the educational facility and that has been the focus of her entire career spanning from the Facilities Department University of Maryland to APPA Leadership.

The award will be awarded to an individual in SNEAPPA who shows the same enthusiasm, leadership qualities, and positivity around Facilities at Educational Institutions. A person who at SNEAPPA seeks consensus, a proven enthusiastic leader from Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island who is a contributor to either SNEAPPA, ERAPPA, or APPA. The award will be accompanied by a stipend to assist the recipient in further growing in leadership in any capacity they desire.

More information forthcoming…