Scholarship Program

Scholarship applications are due MAY 1ST and will be awarded at the Summer SNEAPPA Annual Meeting (generally in June) for use in the next year (July 1 – June 30. The Scholarship Award Committee will consist of the SNEAPPA President, Vice President, and the three state representatives.

The SNEAPPA Board established the Scholarship Program to support the continuing education of facilities professionals in Southern New England. The purpose of this program is to provide funding opportunities to the Chapter’s membership to attend professional development (PD) sessions at both the regional and national levels.

A maximum of three scholarships, up to $2,000 each, are granted annually to cover 75% of the total cost of attendance including tuition, registration fees and reasonable travel expenses at:

  • APPA’s Institute for Facilities Management
  • Leadership Academy
  • Supervisor’s Toolkit
  • CEFP/EFP certification preparatory courses
  • Consideration for future APPA or ERAPPA professional development offerings not specifically listed above

The 75% cost cap limitation can be waived by the Scholarship Award Committee if an economic hardship can be demonstrated (i.e. formal Professional Development funding restrictions from your institution, travel ban, etc…) Any hardship requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Scholarship Award Committee and should be identified in the submitted application.

If any of the scholarship funds are not awarded after the initial round of awards, applications will continue to be received, reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis until all of that year’s scholarship funds have been awarded.


The applicant’s institution needs to be a current dues paying member of APPA or ERAPPA and/or an active member of SNEAPPA.

  • An active member SNEAPPA shall be defined as one of the applicant’s institutional members needs to have attended at least one (1) SNEAPPA meeting within the past 3 calendar years (previous 9 consecutive SNEAPPA meetings).
  • Only Institutional members are eligible for the scholarship program. Business Partner members are not eligible.
  • An applicant cannot receive a SNEAPPA scholarship in consecutive years.
  • Different individual applicants from the same institution can receive scholarships in consecutive years.
  • Elected SNEAPPA officers are not eligible for the SNEAPPA scholarship program, however, their institutional co-workers are eligible.

Application Process:

The application process for all scholarships and grants shall be made using the online SNEAPPA Scholarship Applications. The Online Application Consists of Two Parts:

Upon course completion, all successful scholarship awardees will be required to write either a short synopsis of their experience or comment for a minute or two at a SNEAPPA meeting on how the event went and what was most valuable.

There are several additional scholarship opportunities available through the Eastern Region. These scholarships are designed to help defray the cost(s) of attending various APPA sponsored events. We recommend you visit the ERAPPA scholarship page at for more information.