Welcome and thank you for visiting the SNEAPPA website!


My name is Keith Macdonald and I am proudly serving as your SNEAPPA President for the next term. Many thanks to the membership that was able to attend our June meeting in Providence. We enjoyed interesting presentations, discussions, socializing and got a good taste of what’s to come.


On behalf of SNEAPPA, I would like to thank John Michalewicz who served as the SNEAPPA President from 2010-2014. He did a fabulous job and set the standard high! Hopefully I can pick up the baton, running, and keep our membership moving forward.


In an effort to increase membership involvement (both member institutions and business partners), one of my initial goals is to develop our annual programming schedule, allowing members ample opportunity to plan and schedule attending these very important and informative meetings. We always welcome member institutions to serve as hosts. If this is something you might consider, please be sure to let one of our board members know of your interest. It is always a pleasure to visit fellow institutions and appreciate their facilities, operations and gain a refreshed look at how others ‘get it done!’


This is truly an exciting time to be a member of SNEAPPA! For those who may not know, our chapter has the privilege of hosting the 2015 ERAPPA Conference in Providence, RI, October 4-7. John Cannon is serving as our Host Committee Chairperson and has assembled a talented team to coordinate this mammoth event.


Our venue will take place at the Rhode Island Convention Center in the heart of downtown Providence, adjacent to the Omni Hotel. These venues will showcase a program geared to support our theme “Lighting Our Future.” Speakers such as Bob Kelleher and Dr. Ned Hallowell will provide attendees thought-provoking presentations which will complement our educational tracts. It will be an event filled with collaboration by colleagues, interaction with our business partners and some good time fun.


Realizing that our members possess a wealth of knowledge, we need your support to make 2015 ERAPPA Conference a dynamic and interactive event. Please consider volunteering to assist our host committee and enhance the experience of our attendees as we welcome them to southern New England.


Keith C. Macdonald, SNEAPPA President